Why treat tires?

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Why treat tires?

We’re asked that all the time. In fact, 90% of our tech calls (unscientifically estimated) are questions about tire treatment.

But the first question you always have to ask yourself is why? “Why should I invest time and money in tire treatment.”

First, most likely you’re racing against it. You may be at a track where it’s against the rules, or where you get tires on race day. Racers will find a way to get an edge. Always.

Second, the time and money you put into it will pay dividends. How? Your tires will last longer, first and foremost – between 30%-50% longer (which is why a lot of tracks have rules against tire prep in the first place. If your tires are lasting longer, they aren’t selling as many tires, are they?)

But in addition to lasting longer, your tires perform better when treated. How? They run cooler – between 20-30 degrees cooler. They “fire off” faster. And they don’t go away in the middle of the race. And in some cases, you can soften a hard tire, or put new life in a used tire.

If you’re thinking of treating your tires, give our tech deptment a call, and they’ll walk you through it step-by-step. 

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